Review of Steven Stone You Changend My Mind, January 2013

Steven Stone & Simon Green – You Changend My Mind (Soul Deluxe Promo)
One of the most consistantly good writers remixers over the last coulple of yrs, Switzerland's
Steven Stone returns with another Soul Drenched Uplifting Vocal House tune called
"You Changed My Mind". Due for release early 2013. This time Steven has teamed up with top session vocalist Simon Green
and it has a nice beaty groove with epic synth stabs, and a driving bassline..
The wonderful deep vocals of Simon Green sits beautifully over this tune.
Steven has the knack of creating super soulful sounds that are always dancefloor friendly!! My kinda tune!!!

Alan Powell


Steven Stone & Simon Green "You changed my mind"

Throughout 2012, Steven Stone and his Soul Deluxe label blessed us with nothing but the best in soulful house music, and their latest offering "You changed my mind" continues this tradition. Not much needs to be said about this beauty - Simon Green's deeply rooted vocals together with the with grand piano, lush keys and an utterly contaminous funked-up backing make this an uplifting sure-fire floor anthem guaranteed to make you yearn for more... Nuff said.

Mike Fossati



LBB are back with this tidy little blinder. After great support for their debut single If You Dont Know Me By Now (OF008), the guys are at it again. Simon Green on lead with the mighty Angie Brown helping out in the BV dept. The Original vibe takes us on a musical trip whilst Richards RE-Touch toughens things up a little. The Dub is just what the Doctor ordered for those peaktime moments.



Written in 1992, it was only a matter of time before Earnshaw and Gray got their little mitts on this one!.. The original mix lets all the live elements have a bit of fun whilst Simon does his thing in the vocal dept. The club and dub remixes make things a little more dance floor friendly. Not much else to say about this record. Only that Grant Nelson says its the f*$king shizzle! what ever that means Enjoy !!